Famous for his healthy properties

Natural mineral water, Mangiatorella, is bacteriologically pure, bottled exactly as it gushes from the spring, without chemical or physical treatment, and it boasts a composition rich in noble elements remaining constant throughout the seasons.

In the course of its slow underground journey through the ancient rocks of the Calabrian Serre, Mangiatorella is enriched in a balanced way by mineral salts, which endow it with precious biological activities for human wellbeing, and make it ideal for healthy daily nutrition.

Scientific studies and experiments conducted by medical, clinical and pharmaceutical specialists, have confirmed the beneficial properties of Mangiatorella, and these have outlined its contribution to the elimination of metabolic waste through urination and consequent depurative action in favour of the organism, making it recommendable in the prevention of urinary stones and kidney ailments.

Owing to its very low content of nitrates and to its contained contribution of mineral salts, moreover, Mangiatorella Water is suitable during pregnancy, during breastfeeding and in dilution of powdered milk for the newborn and in their feeding, for those suffering from high blood pressure and who follow a low sodium diet.

Thanks to an adequately high silica content, it contributes to keeping the joints, muscles, skin and hair young, recharging and detoxing the organism.