A important Italian company

Modernity and dynamism from a centuries-old tradition

Nowadays Mangiatorella Ltd is one of the most important companies in the South of Italy, and Mangiatorella Water is the most appreciated in in Calabria and Sicily, both for its history and for its lightness, as well as for its beneficial effects on the organism.

Production, commercial, distributive and marketing activities are fully synergic, taking the environment and its protection into great consideration and are intended to fulfil the company mission in a synergic way: satisfying the need for wellbeing of the customers with a healthy mineral water of high quality.

The production plant is located a few metres from the spring, in a wooded area of over 40 hectares, within the Calabrian Serre, near Stilo, taking up about 25 thousand sq. m. of covered surface and, for the bottling activity, controlled continuously and scrupulously, technologically advanced equipment is used.

Apart from in Calabria, Sicily and other southern regions, the company distributes its products also in Canada, Malta, Australia, Poland, Great Britain, the United States of America and Kazakhstan, and is committed to an international development plan.

Nowadays, Mangiatorella is the most important mineral water group in South Italy, inasmuch as other sources and production plants of mineral waters belong to it, which are found in Sicily and in Calabria, satisfying different consumer demands and are distinguished by the by the brand names of Cavagrande, Acquarossa, Hidria and Sorbello.

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