At the restaurant, at home, on the go

A wide and complete range of products.

Mangiatorella mineral water is bottled in different containers with various formats and capacity, conceived and created to be consumed at table and outside the home, and is available both as still and sparkling.
Formats for restaurants, as for our glass bottles, have a design that combines elegance and tradition, and satisfies the needs of restaurateurs who wish to communicate their choice of quality and prestige.
Also PET bottles of 1 litre valorize restaurant tables, thanks to their modern and ergonomic design.
The knurling and relief of the “1904” stress the tradition, the transparency of the label communicates its naturalness and freshness.
The elegant and practical 1ó and 2 litre formats in PET are suited to family consumption, since they are provided with an ergonomic ring that facilitates the grip and prevents spillage, and with a cap that unscrews in less than 1/3 of a turn.
Changes in lifestyle have led to the concept of smaller formats in PET, created for those who are often out of the home or practise sporting activities: the 33 cl pocket format, destined to adults and children, and the 50 cl format, also available in the sporting version, provided with cap and safety valve.