The springs forth in the southern Italy, in an absolutely unspoilt environment.


Contains precious elements with healthy properties for the human body.


Appreciated since 1904 and market leader in southern Italy.


A delicate, harmonious and cool taste
which cleans the palate.

An ancient and beautiful village in southern Italy

The Mangiatorella springs is located in the pristine woods of Stilo, a village full of monuments, churches, fountains, museums, whose ancient origins date back to the greek period.


The Italian way of life

This is our Italy, this is our philosophy of life. A philosophy based on love, simplicity, company, wellbeing, cheerfulness and tradition. A life that every day rediscovers the pleasure of enjoying what nature best offers. Such as Mangiatorella, the still mineral water known in Italy since the 1800s for its superior quality.

Many sizes for many needs

Mangiatorella mineral water is bottled in different containers with various formats and capacity, conceived and created to be consumed at table and outside the home, and is available both as still and sparkling.