A pure, healthy and light water

The geological characteristics of the rocks and the unpolluted environment from which it springs, confer a series of outstanding properties on Mangiatorella Water, which testify to its absolute value in terms of quality and offer many benefits to whoever drinks it.

Thanks to the unpolluted environment from which it springs, Mangiatorella Water does not present indices of chemical or microbiological contamination, either natural or caused by human settlement, as testified by its nitrate content, practically at 0.

Thanks to its content of mineral salts and to their balanced relationship, as can be found also in its electrical conductibility value, among which stands out an adequate presence of silica, Mangiatorella Water contributes many benefits to the human organism.

The very low yield of fixed residue, associated with a total hardness among the lowest available, indicates the balanced mineralization of Mangiatorella Mineral Water, which therefore is light to the palate and gives a delicate, harmonious and fresh taste.

A delicate, harmonious and cool taste

Mangiatorella taste is pleasant and balanced due to its mineral composition (low sodio, high silica, Ph 6,) and is superb as companion of fish and vegetables dish.
Drinking Mangiatorella means slaking one’s thirst with a delicate, harmonious and cool taste, it means choosing a light water, which cleans the palate and heightens the flavour of food and, thanks to its precious natural elements, aids digestion.